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City Resources
Click below for a direct link to pertinent economic development related City departments:
- Economic Development
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- Lakes, Forestry, & Conservation

MuskeGO Forward Newsletter
View the quarterly economic development newsletter highlighting key spotlight stories on many items including financial aid mechanisms and the newest development opportunities in the community.

Business Development Report
Find out what commercial permits were approved in the past years along with what investment in the community those permits have produced.

GoMuskego Brochure
Take a look at this brochure to see why Muskego is the perfect site for your new or growing business.

Muskego Village Profile
Find out everything there is to know about Muskego including history, education, dining, industry and more in our latest version of the Muskego Village Profile

2020 Comprehensive Plan
Find out everything there is to know about Muskego including history, education, dining, industry and more in our latest version of the Muskego Village Profile

Muskego Marketing Plan
Find out everything there is to know about Muskego including history, education, dining, industry and more in our latest version of the Muskego Village Profile


Link to pdf document of all current Business Listings in Muskego Click Here

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The City of Muskego strives to find new and exciting ways to help close the financing gap and make new development and redevelopment projects work for new/existing businesses in the community. Below you can find links to different ways businesses in Muskego may find financing support. Support may be found in the form of grants, loans, TIF Districts, or various outside-the-box ways to fit your needs. Even if a program below doesn't work for you please don't hesitate to call Jeff Muenkel at 262-679-4136 to see if another mechanism might work.


Muskego Revolving Loan Fund : Available city wide. Someone may receive a low interest (rate of 50% of current prime) loan up to $100,000. Caveat is that for every $20,000 borrowed at least one full time equivalent job must be created during the life of the loan. Monies mainly reserved for purchases of expansions and business equipment but monies can be used for construction efforts and working capital. See past approvals here: click here

Commercial Building & Site Grant Program (Application) / Commercial Building & Site Loan Program (Application): Available in Redevelopment Districts #1 & #2. A business may receive a $3,000 matching grant or up to $25,000 low interest (rate of 50% of current prime) loan. The program is mainly tailored toward improvements that increase the aesthetic value of passersby of the properties. Past Approvals have included full rebuilds, signage improvements, landscaping enhancements, and facade improvements. See past approvals here: click here

Business Park Grant Fund: Available in Redevelopment Districts #1 & #3 in the Tess Corners Business Park and the Muskego Business Park. A business may up to a $5,000 matching grant towards activities producing a visible positive change to buildings or sites. The goal of the monies is to foster projects that will aid in making the parks a better place to do business and hopefully foster other property owners to take pride and renew their prospective properties or structures as well.

TIF Incentives: The City currently has three active Tax Incremental Finance Districts (TIF) around commercial activity areas. TIF 8 along Janesville Road in the city's downtown, TIF 9 along Janesville Road in the Tess Corners area, and TIF 10 in the City's Moorland Corridor area. The city has actively thought outside the box with incentive techniques within these TIF areas and would entertain fianancing ideas that better each TIF (grants and/or loans).

Industrial Revenue Bonds: The City is willing to work with eligible manufacturing businesses to secure industrial revenue bonds. Basically, the city sell bonds on behalf of the developer and the proceeds then go to the business to finance their project with the recipient being directly responsible for repayment. Industrial Revenue Bonds are a good tool for larger projects that need substantial funding for start-up or expansion.

Business Recruitment Rewards Program: Get paid upwards of $5,000 if you successfully bring a new business to Muskego. This is essentially a finder’s fee and both residents and brokers are eligible.


Waukesha County Economic Development Corporation (WCEDC)
Leverage Loan Program

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)
Full Assistance Summary

Forward Wisconsin: WI Grant/Loan Resource

Energy Incentives-Focus on Energy: Find all sorts of grant and loan business energy efficiency opportunties from the Wisconsin Utiltiies.

Wisconsin Business Development (WBD)

Small Business Administration (SBA): Variety of small business lending options. WBD above can aid in assembling these programs in most cases. Loan types can have varying terms/interest rates (504), can be express loans (7a - SBAExpress), some availability of loans for miltary personnel and veterans (Patriot Program) looking to open a small business and many others. Surety Bond Program also available to guarantee bid, performance and payment bonds issued by surety companies. This Federal guarantee encourages surety companies to bond small businesses who are having difficulty obtaining bonding on their own.

WI Woman's Business Initiative Corp.: Loans to small and micro woman owned businesses up to $100,000.

Angel Fund Networks
Groups who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Share research and pool their investment capital, as well as to provide advice to their portfolio companies. Over 17 statewide but here are some local ones
Wisconsin Angel Network: Helps build early-stage capital capacity throughout Wisconsin, increasing the number and amount of equity investments in Wisconsin's entrepreneurs.
IQ Corridor Angel Network: Focuses on making investments that would lead to the development of high-wage jobs in the Waukesha, Wisconsin area. Contact Waukesha County Economic Development Corporation at (262) 695-7900 for more information.
Silicon Pastures: Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a network of angel investors and strategic partners for emerging businesses, especially those in the Midwest. Contact Director Teresa Esser at (414) 771-4350 for more information.
Golden Angels Investors
Successful Entrepreneur Investors LLC (SEI): A Milwaukee-based angel network bringing investors together with start-up companies to assist in creating an innovation economy in Wisconsin. For more information, contact Daniel J. Steininger at (414) 430-2204.
Women Angels: A Milwaukee angel group of women who invest in women-owned businesses, will begin considering deals in September, 2005. For more information, contact Barbara Boxer at (414) 298-8173.

Public Finance Authority Bonds: Government entity established to issue tax-exempt conduit bonds for public and private entities nationwide. PFA partners with private borrowers and local governments to provide tax-exempt financing for public benefit projects that create temporary and permanent jobs, affordable housing, community infrastructure and improve the overall quality of life in local communities.

Foreign Trade Zone #41: For exporting and importing companies. Benefits may include: duty deferral, reduced custom entry and processing fees, duty elimination, duty reduction and lower costs on fees, and taxes administration.


  Total Population: 24,350
  Median Age: 43.2
  Average Household Size: 2.64
  Average Houshold Income: $96,871
  Average Disposable Income: $70,379
  Median Home Value: $214,821
  Households: 9,565
  Families: 7,084
  Percent Occupied: 96.0%
  Percent Owner Housholds: 82.1%

Community Profile 2013
Detailed Age Summary 2013
Executive Summary 2013
Age by Sex 2013
Age by Sex by Race 2013
Census Profile 2013
Demographics and Income 2013
Demographics and Income Profile 2013
Disposalbe Income Profile 2013
Houshold Income 2013
Housing 2013
Business Summary 2013
Household Budget Expenditures 2013
Financial Expenditures 2013
House and Home Expenditures 2013
Medical Expenditures 2013
Recreation Expenditures 2013
Retail Expenditures 2013
Market Profile 2013
Retail Market Place Profile 2013

  2013 Business Summary
Percentage Class
5.4 Agriculture
17.1 Construction
8.3 Manufacturing
3.4 Transportation
0.2 Communication
0.2 Utility
5.6 Wholesale Trade
14.3 Retail
6.7 Finance/Insur/Real Estate
37.9 Services Sum
1 Government

  2013 Age Profile
Number Age Range
2,646 < 17
814 18 - 24
1,126 25 - 34
1,616 35 - 44
2,206 45 - 54
1,824 55 - 64
1,926 65 +
  2010 GENDER
Number Sex
11,907 MEN
12,228 WOMEN
  2013 Race Profile
Number Race
23,453 White
67 Black
39 American Indian
215 Asian
9 Pacific Isl
100 Hispanic
545 Other

  Marketplace Demand vs Suppply (in Millions $)
  Demand   Supply

  Marketplace Demand vs Suppply Groups (in Millions $)
  Demand   Supply


Link to pdf document of all current sale/lease properties in Muskego Click Here
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